Black Power & The Stones

19th June 1970, ‘Kensington Post’ page 49

[Caption: Anne Wiazemsky ready for action in Sympathy for the Devil (MMY3)]

SYMPATHY for the Devil or to give its former title One Plus One (Electric Cinema Club tomorrow and Saturday night) is an essay on Fascism, the Roiling Stones, Black Nationalism and the spirit of democracy.

This made-in-G.B. movie by Jean Luc Godard is split into two parts — the first featuring the Stones and the second the thoughts of the present world, as interpreted by chairman Godard.

Black Nationalists read aloud from the works of Eldridge Cleaver and LeRoi Jones in an automobile graveyard near the Thames.

Anne Wiazemski, of Breson’s Balthazar and Pasolini’s Pigsty, plays a character called Eve Democracy.

Statement from her: “The only way to be a revolutionary intellectual is to stop being an intellectual”. Godard’s message Is clear — “the future is no longer in the future.”

The Electric turns to the less serious aspect of cinema on Sunday with the showing of John Huston’s African Queen. Based on C. S. Forester’s book, this 1951 movie has a brilliant performance from Bogart which earned him an Academy Award.

Katherine Hepburn plays the missionary spinster who joins Bogie on a trip down river to escape the Germans (circa 1915). A rather over-rated film — but Humph is in tremendous form.