The Space Children

6th August 1971, Space Children, ‘Kensington Post’ page 36

SPACE CHILDREN (Science Fiction Night No. 5 at the Electric Cinema Club, Friday at 6. Saturday at 11). The Electric has paid tribute on a number of occasions to director Jack Arnold, who made THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN and IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE, among other fine S-F films. SPACE CHILDREN, made in the U.S.A. in 1958, was the last of Arnold’s classic works, and as pale, grey and melancholy as any of his earlier movies. Featuring Adam Williams and Peggy Webber, it explores the conflicts implicit in the confrontation between man and the forces of another, alien world, in this case that of childhood.

Support film is ROBINSON CRUSOE ON MARS, the 1964 movie by American Byron Haskin, featuring Paul Mantee, Vic Lundin and Adam West. This updating of the Defoe story comes nearer to the essence of the work than many a more literary adaptation. It is also convincing in its attempt to show what life would be like on another planet.

Bonus: BUCK ROGERS, Episode 6.

* BRONCO BULLDOG (Electric Cinema Club, today at 9, Friday at 7, Saturday at 5 and 9, Sunday at 7 and l1). The 1970 “amateur” British movie directed by Barney Platts Mills, with Des Walker and Sam Shepherd. Bronco is a released Borstal boy who aids an East End mate and his girlfriend to run away from disapproving parents. With its non-pro cast, this film’s achievement places it almost on a level with Brownlow’s IT HAPPENED HERE as a piece of independent film-making. So far, it has only had limited release in carefully selected areas.