Son of Godzilla, up late at midnight

17th December 1971, ‘Kensington Post’ page 32

By Mary Lear

[Once again, the racist language and stereotypes in Mary Lear’s reviews of Japanese films here are extraordinarily offensive, saying something about the context in which the Electric Film Club was showcasing of Japanese cinema]

* THE TRIAL Electric, today (Thursday) at 7 and 11, tomorrow at 7 and 9, Saturday at 3.

* EBIRAH — TERROR OF THE DEEP (U). Coliseum, Harlesden, from Monday. Jap monster movie with a credit list that reads like Who’s Who of the Pearl Harbour attack. A poor fisherman steals a yacht to search for his long-lost brother (according to a seer) is still alive, marooned on a South Sea island. Along for the trip are two young friends… and a bank robber! They encounter Ebirah, a slave-gobbling giant crab… escape in a balloon… and wake up Godzilla (conveniently found sleeping in a cave) to destroy the monster. Ho hum.

Plus SON OF GODZILLA (U) Another movie from the same stable: this time an experiment to convert jungles, deserts and frozen tundra into arable land through temperature control revives Godzilla’s son and unleashes a horde of other monsters too.

Also at the Electric – see Midnight Movies.

* EBIRAH — TERROR OF THE DEEP plus SON OF GODZILLA. Electric Cinema Club, Portobello Road, today (Thursday) and tomorrow at 11 p.m. (Reviewed this week in Film Clips).

* THE VIRGIN SPRING. Electric, today (Thursday) at 7 and 11, Friday at 7, Saturday at 5 and 9.

* ONE P.M. Electric, Monday at 7. Tuesday at 9.30, Wednesday at 7 and 11. Jean Luc Goddard’s 1969 film, made with Richard Leacock and D.A. Pennebaker and starring Rip Torn, Eldridge Cleaver and Jefferson Airplane. The theme is American Big Business.

* KWAIDAN. Electric. Sunday at 5, 7.30 and 11. Monday at 9, Tuesday at 7. Four Japanese ghost stories told in a style and colours which make the film a living tapestry. Masakai Kobayashi made the movie in 1964 with Katsuo Nakamura and Michiyo Arataina. In this version, the fourth tale (cut on first release) is restored.

* LA VOIE LACTEE (The Milky Way), Electric, Wednesday next at 9, Thursday at 7, 9 and 11. Luis Bunuel’s grand tour through the highways and byways of heresy as two pilgrims travel in time and space towards the shrine of Saint James.