Powis Square

People's News, issue 1 - item on playground meeting

People’s News, issue 1

Pat Turner international expert on playgrounds is coming to All Saints Hall this Wednesday at 8 p.m. to give an illustrated talk on playgrounds and play equipment to the People’s Association and residents of Powis Square. There will be a discussion on the problems of running playgrounds in garden squares and slides on other playgrounds in London. Since the People own the Square and the Borough Council recognises that the People’s Associations Committee for Powis Square is the negotiating body – it is vital that everyone knows and contributes to the running of a playground. The People’s Association Committee for Powis Sq. have drawn up several schemes for the Square and have been negotiating for money to build them with the Borough Council who have agreed to spend £2000 after the fence is built. Our problem is whether to press for a play leader and hut now or to build a more set design and press for a play leader later. Please come to the meeting and discussion on Wednesday.