How I Won The War & Forbidden Planet at midnight

25th September 1970, ‘Kensington Post’ page 40


HOW I WON THE WAR (Electric Cinema, tonight Thursday only) Michael Crawford and John Lennon star in Richard Letter’s debut film as producer/director. Lt. Ernest Goodbody (Michael Crawford) plays cricket as his second game, war as his first, faithfully attended by his crawling fascist batman (John Lennon). Fine line-up of character parts features Roy Kinnear, Lee Montangue, Jack MacGowran, Michael Hordern.

FORBIDDEN PLANET (Electric, tomorrow and Saturday). Rare chance to see a Sci-Fi reworking of The Tempest. On Altair 4, a space-age Prospero warns his would-be rescuers against landing on what looks like a new garden of Eden. Lurking in the night is a formidable Caliban. Not as corney as it sounds.