A German ‘First’

26th November 1971, A German ‘First’ ‘Kensington Post’ page 37

THE ELECTRIC Cinema Club, Portobello Road, gives the British premiere showing this week of an impressive first feature film by a young German director, Ulf von Mechow.

DAVID AND THE ICE AGE, made in West Germany this year with David Heineman and Gary Straub, has come to the Electric direct from the London Film Festival. It was shown at the Edinburgh Festival earlier this year.

David thinks the winters are getting colder. Is a new ice age coming? Trying to find out, he buys himself a sextant and a map of the Antarctic and sets out south on the autobahn.

He has some very strange adventures and meets some very odd people… and an industrial Goliath called Germany.

DAVID AND THE ICE AGE is showing on Sunday at 5 and 9, Monday at 9, Tuesday at 7, and Wednesday and Thursday next at 9.

With it is Barry Pollack’s fascinating study of a Californian striptease teacher and his pupils: SOME OF MY BEST FRIENDS ARE BOTTOMLESS DANCERS.